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31 May 07, 08:05:00

Well it all starts today ladies and gents, we have our building, we have our license, we have our station frequency… and it's NOW
we need YOU!
For those of you who need it, here's a quick reminder of what we're all about;

NE1fm, which as you now know, launches on the 8th June 2007 on 102.5fm!
With NE1fm we're combining all the previous broadcasts we've supported and serving the Newcastle and Gateshead area, if you live in the area you can get involved in any and every way possible! The station is not run for profit and is community based meaning anyone can get involved, we are mainly volunteer run and are looking for your help now!

Helping out
So, how can you help? Well, firstly, you can tell a friend, we need as many of you that we can get. It's all hands on deck people!
We go on air the 8th of June, (next week!) and have already got the first round of shows in and rehearsed!

So, volunteers one and all, we'd like to invite you to our very first VOLUNTEER meeting, on Thursday 7th June at 7pm!
The meeting will be held at the station
Google Map

This will serve as an induction for all volunteers, we will show you round the building as it is now and go through what being a volunteer entails. The induction meeting will lay out our ideas, so-far, on volunteers, and it's there we'd like people to offer up what they ideally would like to do and how involved they want to be
Once we get started weekly emails will go out to the group detailing what we've done and what needs doing still.

What you need to do next
Now first off, DON'T FRET if you cant make every meeting!
We would very much like you all to be uber-dedicated and turn up every week and muck in, but things don't always go to plan. If you cant make it to the induction meeting on the 7th, don't despair, you can contact our volunteer co-ordinator via the email address or the phone number given at the bottom, if practical, you can even drop in to the station! We're happy to meet individuals and discuss what you'd like to do volunteer-wise on a one-to-one basis.

One more thing, as you may know, we are the OFFICIAL station for the green festival, yes it's true!
And as such, volunteers will be needed at the festival (9th & 10th June, yes the day after we launch!)
If you fancy a FREE BACKSTAGE PASS, and to hand out flyers/record some of the different stages/interview the festival goers then we can arrange it! - Details at the Volunteer meeting!

So that just leaves me to thank you all for volunteering. All of us at NE1FM really appreciate it, after all if we don't have people like you, we don't have a station!

Bye for now, and hope to see you all on Thursday 7th June - 7pm!

Phoenix - Volunteer Co-ordinator

ps. This is not for people applying for shows- application forms are available to download at , and are dealt with a completely different set of people... However, as we're all volunteers, we all muck in- whether we're presenting shows or not!!